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Water Reflection Dance Ensemble

Founded in March, 2001, Water Reflection Dance Ensemble is a modern dance company marked for" The fusion of ballet and modern skills to show cantabile body language" and oriented toward the creation, performance and education of dancing arts. They hold annual performances and aggressively work with artists from different disciplines on new dances, winning repeatedly the subsidy of the "CCA Outstanding Performing Arts Stabilization Fund" and being selected as one of the Outstanding Performing Groups of Taipei County. In the future, they wish to become a professional dancing company with their own unique style and get on the international stage.

The art director, Hui-Chen Tan, and the executive director, Choon-Lin Lee, are both professionally trained in the art of dance. As soon as the ensemble was founded, Tan worked a lot with both foreign and local performing groups; other than working as a dancer and a dancing teacher, she has often been commissioned to release creative works.

"Water Reflection" was the namesake of Hui-Chen Tan's debut as a dancer under the guidance and encouragement of Man-fei Lo, when Tan was a student in the Department of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts. In the next year, Tan's work, Tracing, won the grand prix of a dance creation contest hosted by the Council for Cultural Affairs. From then on, she was awarded for five years in a row and won the Special Award for the Best Choreographer.

The first annual production of Water Reflection Dance Ensemble, 2001 We are Couple, was composed of six pas de deux to interpret the intimate aspects and various wild fantasies of a couple; the premiere was raved. In 2002, they presented a new type of dance, East, A Woman Shifting On Time Axis…, combining poetics, female consciousness and a certain oriental touch. By the end of 2002, Christmas Party--a light and family-friendly work--premiered, which has been performed regularly during Christmas season and become the first festival repertoire of dance. In 2004, Hui-Chen Tan presented Reflection of Mind as a remembrance of her father, which was highly rewarded by the jury of Taishin Arts Award. In 2005 and 2006, Hui-Chen Tan successively introduced the concept of double-faced stitching from Xiang embroidery into her creative work. With Face Two, in 2005, she tried to break through the limits of the proscenium stage and, in the form of a "double-faced stage, " present the "double-faced stitching with different patterns on each side" in wishes to challenge the plasticity of spatial mis-location. Later on, in 2006, the idea of double-facedness was extended to the "double-faced stitching with the same patterns on both sides"in Delicate Illusion, which composed a new chapter of life by means of "shadow" "memory" and "time".

Other than releasing new works, Water Reflection is engaged in all kinds of art festivals and cross-disciplinary performances. In the meantime, they try to introduce the art of dance to neighborhoods and campuses, in order to strengthen people's love for dance and improve their knowledge in this regard. Determined, creative, and vigorous, Water Reflection wishes to make efforts at enriching the world of dance.

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